My Profile screen

Note this requires DeskDirector Client Console v14.1.1 or later

1. The My profile screen

The new profile screen now shows the contact's title and phone number, and also allows them to update their details in ConnectWise or Autotask.

Note if there is no title recorded for the contact the title section will not show.

If their is no phone number set for the contact's company no number will be shown here. Otherwise it will show the contact's default phone number

2. They can click Edit My Details

The contact can click the Edit My Details button to update their information in ConnectWise or Autotask

3. Edit My Details Screen

From this screen the client can;

  1. Edit their first name
  2. Edit their last name
  3. Change or enter their title (if this is blank it won't show on the My Profile screen)
  4. Enter their phone number[s]
  5. Enter their extention[s]
  6. Chose which number to make their default (Note if all numbers are blank or make blank the company's number will be their number)
  7. When they hit Save Changes the changes are made directly in ConnectWise or Autotask and their profile screen will be updated to show the new details


3.1 Phone Number types (ConnectWise Only)

Note that you can set the list of Phone Number types in ConnectWise under the Setup Tables>Communication Type table

DeskDirector dynamically updates the list in the Edit My Details box based on the types available.


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