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  1. Shows all the portal types (ConnectWise) or request types (Autotask). These can be created globally or individually for each client. DeskDirector allows to have multiple levels of portal types. Multiple levels can be separated using “|”  when creating them in ConnectWise or assigning a parent for Autotask partners. The following is an example of this from ConnectWise;



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  1. DeskDirector lets you change the sort order of ticket details. This information is stored in the registry for that user and is used when DeskDirector is launched the next time.
  2. This is used to upload documents to existing tickets.
  3. This is used by the end user to add note to a ticket.
  4. The users can close an open ticket. They will be prompted to end a small note on why they are closing the ticket.
  5. Any users who are part of DD_Flag group in ConnectWise will be able to see this option and flag a ticket. This will create an activity for the account manager for that client which will be linked to that ticket. It will also send a reminder email to the account manger that a user has flagged that ticket. (ConnectWise only feature)



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