How to allow manage Learning categories appearance in top level menu

Note this requires Client Console v14.1.1 or later

1. Log on to the Admin console

The URL is https://[your company name]

The username and password would have been provided during the implementation

2. Navigate to the Manage Learning Tab and click on the Category you want to edit

3. Chose and change relevant settings

  1. Select Top Level Category to have category appear in the menu of DeskDirector Client Console
  2. Select Auto Navigate to first item to have category auto-navigate to the first item chosen rather than showing a list of items
  3. If you want a different icon chose one form the drop down menu. The default and standard icon is icon-std-lightbulb (ONLY VALID IN PORTAL V1)
  4. A page showing all the icons is available by clicking Icons List
  5. Select Save Category Settings to save any changes

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