Adding and removing features from your DD Portal Advantage plan

This is an old guide for an old DeskDirector plan. This may or may not apply to your current plan

DD Portal Advantage is where you take your customer service to the next level. With DD Portal Advantage you can pick and choose features which best fit your business. 

1. To turn a feature on or off you must be logged into the Admin Console as a Master Admin. You can give a resource the Master Admin permission by navigating to the Member Security (Resource Security for AT) tab in the Admin Console and clicking on the resource:

2. Once you've clicked on a resource simply tick the Master Admin checkbox which can be found under Member Settings:

3. Once you've logged into the Admin Console as a Master Admin navigate to the DD Advantage tab and click Configuration:

4. From here you'll be able to turn features on and off by clicking on their respective sliders.

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