Enabling Portal V2

Once you're happy with your Portal V2 configuration and ready to go live you can either ship out globally or one by one. These changes will apply to the web and desktop clients.

To get started, login to your admin console.

Enabling Portal V2 for an individual company:

1. Navigate to your company configs page and click on the desired company.


2. Hit the brand tab, tick Enable Portal V2, and save.


NOTE: If you enable portal V2 for a company and then impersonate a user from that company, you will still see portal V1. Until V2 is global for all users, you will have to manually change the UI when impersonating. To do this just change the URL of the impersonate tab from yourmspname.deskdirector.com/web to yourmspname.deskdirector.com/portal/v2. 

Enabling Portal V2 for everyone:

1. Navigate to your company configs page and click branding.


2. Tick Enable Portal V2 and hit save. 


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