Server Changelog - V17


Note: Omitted releases consist of internal changes.

Server 17.11 April 24th 2017

  • FIX: Minor spelling errors
  • IMPROVEMENT: Restructured the login page

Server 17.10.3 March 31st 2017

  • FIX: Issue with Connectbooster for AutoTask
  • IMPROVEMENT: Automatic codebase changes for ConnectWise updates (check every 10minutes)

Server 17.10.2 March 28th 2017

  • IMPROVEMENT: Refactored CW ticket find algorithm

Server 17.10.1 March 27th 2017

  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed markdown format to avoid unwanted display behavior in ConnectWise.
  • FIX: Issue related to notificaitons
  • IMPROVEMENT: The default contact of a company in ConnectWise will now automatically gain access to all tickets.

Server 17.9.1 March 20th 2017

  • FEATURE: Added the ability to globally enable portal v2 via company configurations -> Brand
  • FEATURE: Added a setting to stop sending approval related e-mails.

Server 17.8.3 March 15th 2017

  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated ConnectBooster authentication logic.

Server 17.7.1 February 24th 2017

  • IMPROVEMENT: Refactored service radar queries for the staff HUD
  • IMPROVEMENT: ConnectWise RESTful API support for most of the Staff HUDs services

Server 17.6.1 February 9th 2017

  • FEATURE: Qr code implemented for DDInbox mobile application

Server 17.4.2 February 2nd 2017

  • FIX: Issue where Additional Access was not available to users in old versions of the client portal

Server 17.4.1 February 2nd 2017

  • FEATURE: Additional Access added. Can now get access to other company or contacts tickets
  • FIX: Issue with creating contact on security level 0 with ConnectWise 2017.1

Server 17.3.1 January 24th 2017

  • Internal Fixes and updates on DDForms.

Server 17.2.1 January 18th 2017

  • Internal Fixes.

Server 17.1.1 January 11th 2017:

  • FEATURE: work on DDForms is now underway.
  • FIX: Issue associated with the flag activity not being assigned to a company's account manager.

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