Getting started with Multi Lingual

Note: The multilingual feature is NOT yet available for DDPortal V2

Making language changes to the interface:

1. Navigate to the Interface Settings section of the Admin Console:

2. To add a language select a language you wish to add from the Select and Add a New Language drop-down box and hit the + button:

3. If you'd like to make changes to our translations click on a language under the Select to Edit Language Fields section:

4. From here you'll have the option to edit our menu translations, make sure to hit save when you're done:

5. Test out a translation by selecting the language from the login screen:

Or select a language after logging in:

Translating Request Types:

1. Navigate to the Request Types section of your Admin Console and click on a request type that you'd like to translate:

2. Click on the LANGUAGE tab:

3. From here select the language you'd like to translate the request type to. On the right hand side provide your translation and hit update:


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