DD Portal for Windows: Kaseya Deployment Guide

In order to be able to deploy DeskDirector Portal with Kaseya, you just need to follow this article.

We have a script available here, all you need to do is change it to your deskdirector subdomain name and the product name. 

You might want to add or remove steps from the script as you see fit, but the overall body is as follows.


  1. Download .MSI using the download link from your admin console.
  2. IF statement to test if the .msi has downloaded and if it exists. Halt on failure.
  3. Install the .msi.
  4. IF statement to test if the .exe exists. Halt on failure.
  5. Run the .exe with a `-s` silent flag.

This is what our script looked like in Kaseya (you might want to open the image in a new tab):


Please remember that DDPortal is self-updating, so after the initial install, you should not need to run any other installs to keep it updated, as DDPortal will do this itself. 


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