Logging into the Admin Console.

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Your DD Admin Console URL.

This will be your standard Desk Director Web Portal URL with an /Admin suffix. Example:

My Web Portal URL: https://testcompany.deskdirector.com

Admin Console URL: https://testcompany.deskdirector.com/Admin


This will be your ConnectWise or AutoTask member login.

ConnectWise username confirmation.

Browse to your ConnectWise Web Portal - this will share the username used for Desk Director.

As shown above - I've confirmed my ConnectWise username is AaronC.

I will now use this as my login for the Admin Console:

Login Method 1: Magic Token

  1. Enter your ConnectWise or AutoTask username.
  2. Click "Send Magic Token"
  3. Check the email address associated with your CW/AT member.
  4. Enter the token provided by no-reply@deskdirector.com (Check your spam folder just incase)
  5. Click "Sign In"

Login Method 2: Password

  1. Enter your Member Username for AT/CW
  2. Click "Login with Password"
  3. Enter the password you would normally user for your AT/CW web console
  4. Click "Sign in"

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