Wufoo not working

Please note this is an outdated article, so the information might no longer be relevant. 


As of Thursday 13th of April, there seemed to be an issue with Wufoo forms and the way they redirect in DeskDirector. Our team is having a look and will work with Wufoo to solve this issue.

In the meantime, the only available solution is to:

a) disable all request types that require forms and go back to a title/textbox format. 

b) migrate to the new DD Portal v2 and enable DD Forms. 

Portal v2 is the new look for DD Portal, and can be enabled in your admin console under Company Configs>Branding > Enable Portal v2. While this has been up for a week, there has not been an official release yet, so look out in our blog about v2.

With v2 active, message our support team at support@deskdirector.com and we will enable the translations from Wufoo forms to DD Forms. 

This will mean that all your forms will come through as DD forms and should not have the Wufoo redirect issue.


Please note that once you activate v2, it will change for all clients and all users will now be on v2. This is only meant as a last minute fix, as we recommend you first warn your clients or develop some documentation in regards to using the new portal. To have a try at v2 while still in your current v1 portal you can go to this endpoint on your browser: https://yourDDinstance.deskdirector.com/portal/beta


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