Creating the DeskDirector Clients

Editing, Generating and Downloading the DeskDirector Clients

This article explains how you can edit, create and download the DeskDirector clients. (both the Client Console and Staff HUD)

1. Navigate to the Implementation Portal

You can find the implementation portal at the following address:

2. Login with your details

You should have been sent as part of the implementation a username and password to use to log in. If not email to get a new one.

3. Edit your DeskDirector details

This is where you can customize DeskDirector's Client Console with your branding

3.1. Edit your DeskDirector name and startup settings

This section of the edit page allows you to change the name and startup details for the DeskDirector Client Console.

  1. Under Shortcut Name enter the name DeskDirector will have when it appears on the Desktop of the computer. This is useful if the DeskDirector Name field is too long for a desktop icon. (Note: If left blank it will use the DeskDirector name here)
  2. Under DeskDirector Name enter what you would like to call DeskDirector in the start menu, system tray and application title.
  3. Under the Hotkey section configure a hotkey that can be used to start DeskDirector when running in the System Tray. You can enter just a Hotkey without a Hotkey Modifier however note other applications may share this hotkey and BOTH DeskDirector and the other application will trigger.
  4. Run In Systemtray will cause DeskDirector to always minimize to the system tray when the user selects to close it.
  5. Add To Startup will cause DeskDirector to start when a user logs in. It will start in the system tray rather than full screen if Run In Systemtray is selected.

End users can change the Hotkey and Systemtray settings themselves by going to Settings from the My Profile page of the client.

This section of the page allows you to upload a custom icon and logo

  1. Select Choose File to select an icon file. (Note: This needs to be in the .ICO format)
  2. Click Upload to upload the icon.
  3. Select Chose File to select a logo to use. (Note: This needs to be in the .PNG format and ideally 200px x 200px)
  4. Click Upload to upload the logo.

4. Generating the clients

4.1. Navigate to the Generate Tab

4.2. Chose the branded version of DeskDirector you want to create a client for

Select which version you want to generate.

  • This doesn't affect the Staff HUD (Engineer).
  • MainBrand is your default branding.

4.3. Check the details look good

Check the shortcut, name, hotkey, tray and startup settings, icon and logo are what you expect.

4.4. Select and generate the Client Console or Staff HUD (Engineer)

  1. Select from the dropdown the Client version you want to create (this defaults to the latest and we suggest you don't change this).
  2. Click Generate to create the Client Console version.
  3. Alternatively select the Staff HUD (Engineer) version you want to create (again we suggest the latest which is the default).
  4. Click Generate.

Once you click Generate you should see a prompt after 5-10 seconds telling you the software was generated successfully.

5. Downloading the clients

5.1. Navigate to the download tab

5.2. Locate and download the client you want

Find the client you want to download and select Download.

Note that if it is a subbranded version the brand name will be added to the end of the file name.

6. Creating a "subbrand"

DeskDirector allows you to create subbrands or other branded versions of the Client Console. This is useful if you have different company names within your business or want to add your client's branding in place of yours (Great for clients with on staff IT).

6.1. Navigate to the Edit page

6.2. Click the + next to MainBrand

6.3. Set up the brand name

  1. Give the branded version a name.
  2. Enter the Desktop shortcut name.
  3. Enter the DeskDirector name.
  4. Chose the hotkey.
  5. Select the startup and tray settings.
  6. Hit Add.

Here you can add the custom icon and/or logo for this branded version.


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