Getting started with Broadcasts

 Broadcasts are a fantastic way of letting your clients know about critical outages and important messages. 

 You'll require DD-Tech in order to send Broadcasts. 

Sending a Broadcast:

From DD-Tech you are able to send a broadcast to your clients. It is pretty self-explanatory, but here is a run-down of the controls:


In DD-Tech go to the Broadcast section. Once here click the "+" on the corner of the screen to create a new broadcast


This will take you to the Broadcast creation. In order you will have the following screens:

  1. Select if this is an important (notification can't be removed from portal) and/or global (all companies) Broadcast. Also add the Broadcast message and any linkschrome_2017-12-28_14-30-09.png
  2. Select the time it will be available forchrome_2017-12-28_14-30-19.png
  3. If not Global, select the companies and sites it will go to. Leaving sites blank alerts all sites for that company.chrome_2017-12-28_14-30-50.png
  4. Make sure it looks okay and publishchrome_2017-12-28_14-31-05.png

Client View


Here is an example of a critical broadcast. It will appear as a notification on the screen. Inside the portal, it will appear under notifications as well as under the ticket creation menu 


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