DeskDirector Client Deployment and Scripts

Deploying the DeskDirector Client Console is very easy and most partners chose to use their RMM to do so.

The client is generated as an MSI file and as such can even be deployed with Group Policy.

1. Installing DeskDirector

To install DeskDirector silently simply run it as an Admin user with the /qn switch. For example;

DeskDirector_Client.msi /qn

2. DeskDirector RMM Scripts

We have scripts we have either written or been provided by our partners for LabTech and Kaseya. You can find these on our Dropbox folder here;

DeskDirector RMM Scripts

If you have an even better script or a script for another RMM you want to share we'd love it and we'd sort you out something nice if you do.

3. Updating the client

If you install the same or newer version of DeskDirector on a machine it will automatically upgrade the previous version.

That way when you need to deploy a new version the script can easily be modified and re-used.

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