Using the Staff HUD for AutoTask

Using the Staff HUD for AutoTask

This page will take you through the features of the Staff HUD for AutoTask. The info below is shown in this helpful video:


1. The Welcome Screen

When the HUD is launched for the first time you will be taken to the Welcome screen.  On this screen there are some helpful links in the menu bar to the left:

  1. Knowledge Base - This is the DeskDirector knowledgebase page, it contains many helpful pages (like this one)
  2. DeskDirector Website - This will open the main DeskDirector page
  3. DeskDirector Blog - This will take you to the Blog for DeskDirector.  Here you can find many interesting articles, as well as our popular "One Minute Wednesday" videos.

There is a tickbox down the bottom to not show this Welcome screen next time, and instead launch the HUD straight to the ServiceRadar tab.

2. ServiceRadar Tab

In the ServiceRadar Tab, you can see a visual graph of your tickets in AutoTask.  First select any filters from the drop-down menus - if you aren't seeing any tickets show up, check that these filters are set correctly - then click Search.  It may take a few seconds to process.

At the top right you can set the X axis of the graph to either Date Entered or Last Updated.  You can also change the Display to a Data Grid, which will list all the tickets in a table, showing you lots of information.

You can zoom in to the graph by dragging a rectangle around the area you want to see.  To return to the original view, click the Reset Zoom button at the top right.

Clicking on one of the tickets on the graph, or double-clicking on a ticket in the data grid will add the ticket to the Session list on the left.

Along the bottom, you can create a session from a specific ticket number, as well as setting yourself to 'Do Not Disturb' which will remove you from the available Staff member list for chat.

3. Session Tab

In the Session tab, you can see information regarding a particular ticket.

Along the top there are a couple drop-down panels with information about the contact and their company.  There is also a button to initiate a chat session with the contact if they are at their machine.  If the contact is an aprover or VIP this will be displayed here too.

Below these are the Session Tabs.  The three default ones are Chat, Ticket Details, and Autotask.  You can add up to 5 more using the Admin Console page.

The Chat tab shows the active chat log, if one exists.  The Ticket Details tab shows a view similar to that of the Client app.  You can see a timeline of the ticket, along with the ticket notes.  The Autotask tab will open the Autotask web interface to the active ticket.  This can be refreshed using the little blue refresh button in the tab - refreshing will bring you back to the ticket if you have navigated away.

3.1. Chatting With Clients

If the client is available to chat, you can click the Chat button which will initiate a chat session.

3.2. Agent Requesting Chat Popup

This is the popup the client will see when you request to chat with them.  There is a 30 second countdown, when this reaches zero the session will time-out.

3.3. Client Chat View

This is what the client will see when chatting.  The panel on the right is the active chat.  The blue "Chat Now" box will show up if there is an agent active and available.

3.4. Client Requesting Chat Popup

When a Client requests to chat with a staff member, this is the popup you will see.  To open the chat, simply click on the white text-box.  You can close this to ignore it, however if you are the only person the request was sent to the user will see the request time-out.

4. Broadcasts Tab

If you have Notifications set up, you will be able to send out a broadcast.  A broadcast is a notification sent to all of your clients (or a sub-set).  These notifications can be viewed in the Client, and can be set to expire at a certain date/time - the minimum expiry time is 15 minutes.  You can manually expire the broadcast as well.

5. AutoTask Tab

Separate to the Ticket Session tab, you can set up a Main tab for Autotask.  This will also show the web interface to your Autotask.  The user logged into the Staff HUD will be automatically logged in to this page.


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